Has Kim Jong Un Ever Been Out Of North Korea

The enigmatic figure of Kim Jong Un has been a prominent fixture in the public spotlight since he took over as the leader of North Korea in 2011. However, the question remains: has he ever been out of North Korea? The answer is complicated, as the hermit kingdom has extremely strict travel regulations for its leader that are rarely disclosed to the public.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Council, the North Korean government has very strictly enforced travel bans on citizens, including the ruling Kim family. This means that Kim Jong Un’s ability to travel abroad is almost entirely restricted and extremely limited. In 2017, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, expressed grave concern that North Korea’s oppressive government had prevented its leaders from ever leaving the country. National security advisor Robert O’Brien has expressed similar concerns.

Despite the limited information available, there has been speculation that Kim Jong Un has left North Korea on multiple occasions throughout his political career. In late 2014, there were reports that he had visited Beijing, China, although North Korea continues to deny these claims. In 2018, testimony from former North Korean security operatives suggest that in late 2012, Kim Jong Un flew to Thailand for a secret meeting with a former U.S. intelligence officer. Since then, however, there have been no credible reports of Kim Jong Un being outside of North Korea.

These reports and speculations about Kim Jong Un’s travels must be taken with a grain of salt, as the North Korean regime is notorious for its secrecy. Even if Kim Jong Un has managed to travel abroad in the past, it is likely that any records of those trips have been destroyed or remain secret for security purposes. So, for all intents and purposes, it is safe to assume that Kim Jong Un has not been out of North Korea.

The limited information available suggests that there is a clear lack of freedom of travel for North Korean citizens, particularly those in positions of authority. It is also evidence of the oppressive nature of the North Korean regime, which has had a profound impact on the quality of life of its citizens. This is particularly concerning as North Korea continues to face criticism from the international community over its violations of the human rights of its citizens.

North Korean Tourism

While Kim Jong Un has never been out of North Korea, the same cannot be said for its citizens. In recent years, the country has opened up to foreign tourists in a limited capacity. For example, travelers from China, Japan, and South Korea are increasingly visiting the country, particularly for its beautiful natural landscapes. Despite this, the nation is still known for its strict travel regulations and high security, making it difficult for people to leave the country.

Tourists from other countries must apply for a special visa to enter the country and travel within the country is heavily monitored. Tourists are forbidden from taking pictures or interacting with North Korean citizens and furthermore, they must be accompanied by a North Korean guide at all times. For these reasons, many foreign tourists consider a trip to North Korea to be more of an experience than a holiday getaway.

Free Movement Across Borders

International campaigning to end the North Korean travel ban has been ongoing for years. However, the prospect of a shift in policy looks grim, as the country has refused to recognize its human rights violations and has been uncooperative with international criticism. The international community is calling on North Korea to open its borders and grant its citizens freedom of movement, but so far it has yet to respond.

However, there have been signs of progress. Recently, the Singapore Summit between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump marked a historic occasion for the two countries. Although the summit did not directly address the issue of free movement across borders, it is a step in the right direction that may pave the way for a future dialogue.

Implications for the Future

If and when Kim Jong Un is ever able to leave North Korea, it could have significant implications for the country’s international relations. For one, it could be a major turning point in the development of North Korea’s relationship with its neighbors as well as the world. This could lead to increased opportunities for North Korea in terms of trade and investment, which would be beneficial for the country’s economy.

Being able to travel abroad could also give Kim Jong Un a better perspective on the world, allowing him to see first-hand what life is like beyond the hermit kingdom. This could have a positive impact on his leadership style, potentially leading to more open dialogue with the international community and a more cooperative foreign policy.


While there is some speculation that Kim Jong Un has traveled outside of North Korea on previous occasions, it is almost certain that he has not left the country as leader. This is a consequence of the restrictive travel policies enforced by North Korea’s oppressive regime, which has had a profound impact on the quality of life of its citizens. However, there are signs of progress as the country has opened up to foreign tourism and there is hope for a future of increased freedom of movement across borders.

Cassie Grissom is an American journalist and author living in Seoul, South Korea. She has been studying the Korean peninsula since 2011, and her work focuses on understanding human rights issues in North Korea. In addition to her work as an author, Cassie is an active advocate for human rights in North Korea. She regularly shares stories about life in North Korea with international audiences to raise awareness of the plight of its citizens.

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