Why Do We Give Aid To North Korea

Political Stability

The reasons for why we give aid to North Korea are interrelated and complex. One of the factors is the unstable political situation in the region. North Korea is a communist regime and has sought to impose its ideology on the region. Since its inception, the country has demonstrated aggressive behavior towards its neighbors and has been involved in several military operations in the past. In addition to this, North Korea has also pursued nuclear arms development, and a big reason why the international community, including the United States and the United Nations,
have felt that it is important to provide assistance to North Korea is because of the potential risk of destabilizing the region, and in turn, the world. By providing assistance, the international community is seeking to engage the North Korean government and encourage them to set aside their aggressive policies and reducing defense spending.

Educational Assistance

Education is also a key factor in why we give aid to North Korea. Even though North Korea is one of the most isolated and underdeveloped nations in the world, the government does strive to promote education for its people. The reality, however, is that the lack of resources, and the government’s priorities, mean that the educational system is struggling. This is where international aid comes in. Providing support for education and access to high quality educational materials is one of the most effective ways that we can help the North Korean people and give them an opportunity to have brighter future.

Persecution of Human Rights

One of the major reasons why the international community has chosen to provide aid to North Korea is because of the country’s human rights abuses. North Korea’s government is one of the most oppressive in the world and their policies are highly oppressive towards their citizens. The state-imposed guidelines around citizens’ dress, behavior, and lifestyle have resulted in extreme distress, suffering and severe lack of freedom. International aid helps to provide a counterweight to the persecution, allowing citizens access to much-needed resources, information, and supplies.

Reducing Poverty

Poverty is a major issue in North Korea and it has been estimated that up to 70 percent of the population lives in poverty. International aid is essential in helping to reduce poverty and improve the lives of the people in North Korea. By providing food, medical aid, and other resources, the international community is helping to ensure that the people of North Korea are able to access their basic needs, enabling them to lead a more dignified and happy life.

Countering the Effects of Drought

North Korea is constantly plagued by natural disasters, in particular, drought and famine. The effects of drought are severe and have devastating consequences for the North Korean people, particularly in terms of food insecurity and water scarcity. International aid helps to counter some of the adverse effects of the drought, providing food and resources to those most affected.

Promotion of Dialogue

Finally, one of the aims of providing international aid to North Korea is to promote dialogue between the international community and North Korean government. By providing support and assistance, it is hoped that North Korea will be encouraged to become more open to international relations and cooperation. This type of dialogue is essential for creating stability and trust in the region and ultimately, could result in lasting peace.

Building Infrastructure

In order to help North Korea become both economically and politically stable, it is essential that the country invests in building infrastructure and improving its economic environment. International aid is part of the process to ensure that this can be achieved. The aid helps to cover the costs of construction materials and operational support and fuel, allowing the North Korean government to focus its resources elsewhere.

Improving Health Care

Another key reason why the international community provides aid to North Korea is to support the country’s efforts in improving health care and medical services. North Korea does not have access to the same medical services that more developed countries do, and the quality of the health care system is poor. International aid helps to finance the much-needed improvement of medical resources and provides access to medical supplies, such vaccines and antibiotics.

Reducing Dependence on Military Spending

The international community also provides aid to North Korea so it can reduce its reliance on military spending and focus on developing and improving other sectors of the economy. This is essential for promoting economic stability and generating investment in the country. By providing access to resources and critical infrastructure, it is hoped that North Korea can redirect the money it spends on the military to more productive and beneficial investments, which will ultimately benefit its citizens and the region as a whole.

Cassie Grissom is an American journalist and author living in Seoul, South Korea. She has been studying the Korean peninsula since 2011, and her work focuses on understanding human rights issues in North Korea. In addition to her work as an author, Cassie is an active advocate for human rights in North Korea. She regularly shares stories about life in North Korea with international audiences to raise awareness of the plight of its citizens.

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